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ROCKY MOUNTAIN GHOST EXPLORERS (R.M.G.E.) is a paranormal investigation team based in Colorado.  R.M.G.E. is active in experimenting with unconventional techniques in an attempt to discover new methods that might just uncover untapped paranormal activity.

13 Apr 2014: Team founder Kris was featured in another web article on concerning another photo capture she got at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO of a shadow figure apparition. In the article Kris explains the technique she used.

Article Link: Camera Technique for Capturing Apparition Photos

10 Mar 2014: 
J.P. becomes the newest member of the R.M.G.E. team. J.P. who is an Empath is now the R.M.G.E. historian. J.P. brings a very unique and welcome ability to the R.M.G.E. team and we welcome her with open arms and open hearts!

30 Jan 2014: Team founder Kris was featured in two web articles concerning her amazing capture at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO of a ghostly apparition which formed from ectoplasm and then 

She captured this on camera as a series of photos that were then put into video format. The apparition, which appears to be that of Flora Stanley, can clearly be seen forming and smiling at Kris. About dotcom and Examiner dotcom both did a story about Kris's historic paranormal accomplishment. This is most likely the first and only time Flora Stanley was photographed appearing in ghostly form with such clarity at the hotel her husband built for her. The articles can be seen at the links below.

26 Oct 2013: R.M.G.E. founder Kris Tennant teaching paranormal investigation 101 in haunted crypt.

R.M.G.E. Lead Kris Tennant headed a venue to teach paranormal investigative techniques to more than 250 people at the Evergreen Cemetery Haunted Crawl and Ghost Tour held at Evergreen Cemetery in Colorado Springs, CO.  Kris, along with group investigators performed basic paranormal investigation 101 techniques, then allowed audience participation in the haunted chapel basement crypt, a location featured on the My Ghost Story show.


 KRIS TENNANT Kris is the founder and lead investigator of Rocky Mountain Ghost Explorers.  At the age of five, Kris witnessed her first ghostly apparition. The event left such an impact, it lead her on a path of exploring all things paranormal.  R.M.G.E. was built on a foundation made up of Kris's desire, drive, and passion for the paranormal. Kris is probably the only person to have captured on camera, with detailed clarity, the ghostly apparition of Flora Stanley at the Stanley Hotel. The apparition formed from ectoplasm, even smiling at Kris before it dissipated. Her photos and video of this event were featured in articles on and
Kris is a long time teacher in Colorado, whose abilities and positive influence has effected hundreds of children, many who still visit her long after they have left her classroom.
Early in her career Kris ran a program teaching under
privileged children. Kris's passion and caring changed many lives.

 - I'm J.P., just coming out as an Empath, starting Historian and Researcher for R.M.G.E. My specialty is getting our foot in the door of any establishment who may have roots of the past and paranormal. I have witnessed, first hand, spirits since the age of 5. I'm a retail representative by trade.


 BEN -
 Ben is a parapsychologist with a 
psychology degree from Lawrence University in WI. He is also a researcher, investigator, writer and artist living in Colorado. He is also interested in consciousness, healing, evolution, energy, natural sciences and technology and life! He has written numerous publications and is currently taking notes for a possible book. Ben has also attended film school.

 LUNA - Luna is a teacher living in Colorado. She became interested in ghosts after living in a haunted house. On a very regular basis she would see ghostly apparitions of children running and playing throughout her home and would often see a shadowy figure of an old man with a walker walk through her hallway. These images stuck with her and is the driving force behind what she does today.


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